Thursday, June 21, 2012

What2Wear - High-Low Hem

You have probably noticed, but the "high-low" trend is EVERYWHERE. From blouses, shirts, tanks and jackets to dresses and skirts {are pants next?}, you have probably seen it. There are various ways the look can be worn too, ranging from classic to hipster and everywhere in between. Take a look below to see how we give this trend a whirl. 

Which one of our looks gets a "high" five in your book? {get it? :) } 


When Cait and I decided on the high-low hem as our latest conquest, I was pumped because this look is right up my alley. It's new, different and something that most people might be hesitant to try. I, on the other hand, am so on the high-low bandwagon that I bought a high-low skirt a few months ago when the trend was just on the rise. 

I actually own the Urban Outfitters skirt I featured below as of last Friday, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to plan a few ways to wear it. The white and pale pink items are the appropriate day accompaniments, while the black pieces make this skirt perfect for a night out. It just goes to show that a trendy, statement piece like this can continue to look fresh even after its initial use. 

High-Low Hem

This Gryphon dress could likely be considered "borderline" as far as the high-low trend goes, but I think I am going to ease myself into this fad. I am not sure that the high-low thing is totally "me" and I always like to stay true to my personal style no matter how ubiquitous a trend becomes. If I don't feel comforabtle in it, I won't wear it.

I styled this dress two ways - one is dressier for evening {left} and one that is more appropriate for a casual night or brunch/shopping {right}.

And how stinking cute are those black studded flip flops. Definitely coveting those...

high low hem

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