Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Week In Snapshots

It's that time again... for a recap of our week via the various photos we took. We hope you enjoy this week's inside look. 

Clockwise from top left: New Target espadrilles in my new favorite color duo; Mixed my favorite chloe+isabel gold and silver bracelets; Sent this loving message out to my friend Camille via Instagram; My future husband not only rules the world, but he's also on the cover of Forbes; My pictures up on The Limited Instagram page for the Student Style contest!; My pro tennis player boyfriend after an impromptu match (I won we tied); All spiked out in c+i; I'm usually never one for pearls, but I'm warming up to them; Shiny new rose gold sandals - can't resist a great sale; Gotta get my daily dose of the bucks. 
Clockwise from top left: Colorful Missoni wedges = love.; Lisa and I post-kickball at Lottie's;  How can I resist that face? I mean, really?; I discovered my green thumb this week!; There's nothing better than fresh cut Hydrangeas! {and thanks to the hot water "trick" I now know how to keep them alive for longer than 3 days !}; It was a red eyelet (thanks Em), leopard and chambray kinda day; Gorgeous waterfall by our apt; The Penny Wars at work got VERY serious!

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