Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Inaugural Post: Our Take On - J.Crew Lace Blouse

Welcome to the first ever post on 'The Dreamer & the Doer'! 

We're sisters that both have a slight obsession with fashion, but couldn't stylistically express ourselves in more different ways. This blog will include our diverse takes on the same items and trends, our lusts and current must-haves, as well as a little peak into our day-to-day lives. 

As preppy, classic, pulled together, streamlined and crisp as Caitlin's taste is, Emily {blogger behind Studded Chameleon} is equally as bohemian, relaxed, edgy, eclectic, unpredictable and unexpected. 

This first post is the start of a feature we will be calling 'Our Take On' or OTO. Here, we will show how we individually chose to wear a certain item or trend. Today, that item is a pink lace blouse from one of Caitlin's favorite shopping destinations, J.Crew

See how we wore it!


After a long and relatively unsuccessful search for the perfect denim vest {an essential for this season}, I was so happy when I finally came across this one at Pac Sun. Rather than just a simple blue denim vest, I opted for this white one with lace detailing. I'm never one for anything plain - there needs to be some sort of noteworthy or eye-catching detailing.

This blouse had looked a bit boxy on me in the past, so I thought the vest would be the perfect opportunity to give it some shape. And quite frankly, I hadn't worn the skirt yet after owning it for a couple years, so I'd been looking for an opportunity to wear it. As for the shoes, I've also had them for a few years {with minimal usage} after my boyfriend purchased them for me at in outlet in Hilton Head, and I guess I'm in a bit of a sneaker phase, so naturally, they were my go-to choice.

Have you ever tried the sneaker/skirt combo? You should! It's a bit unexpected, and the perfect way to mix-up the summer style slump of shorts or skirts and sandals. 

Vest: Pac Sun, Skirt: Forever 21, Sneakers: Nike, Bracelets: chloe+isabel and Alixandra Blue, Watch: Michael Kors, Rings: chloe + isabel and David Yurman and random, Necklace: chloe + isabel.

Don't mind the medical tape...had a mishap this weekend. Arm party consists of two chloe+isabel bracelets and another previously owned wrap bracelet. 

Beaded chloe+isabel bracelet & pyramid chloe+isabel bracelet.
Necklace: chloe+isabel.

chloe+isabel double ring

You know what I love most about the summer months {besides outdoor patio dining and extra “summer PTO” days at work}? Wearing white pants of course! There is something about white pants that can elevate the boring “jeans and a top” look to new heights. It’s just so fresh and fun. From the office [dress code permitting] to weekend shopping, to dinner with girlfriends, white pants are versatile enough for just about every occasion.

That said, I have worn this pink lace top with jeans before and it was just okay. But with white, it feels so lively and seasonal!

And true to form, Emily's outfit and mine couldn't be on further ends of the spectrum. Don't you agree?

Happy Hump Day everyone! Stay tuned for more of this Friday!

Zara Ankle Zip Cropped JeansLoft Booties {Old}.

chloe+isabel torsade necklace & chloe+isabel crystal necklace.

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  1. Aww, love that arm party of yours! :)